MBTI and Letting It Go

So my friend Kari who blogs here  actually inspired this post. She recently wrote about what she’s loving since she just moved to the Big Apple!

She found this great article which explains MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicators) through Disney Characters. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Disney personality-equal is Elsa from Frozen… cue the iconic Idina Menzel song


Here’s what the Disney Article said about my INTJ personality:


“INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)

Bright and forward-thinking, you are independent and a natural leader, but you also have a tendency to be skeptical and pessimistic. You are very motivated to reach your goals and hold yourself (and others) to a high standard. (There are some instances where you can learn to let it go.)”


If you don’t know what your MBTI type is you can take the test for yourself here!


What is your MBTI personality? Which Disney character has a similar personality to you?

Magna Cum Laude and Looking Like an Olympian

So I totally owe you an apology. I have not been posting and well I don’t really have any excuse but “I’ve been busy”. I am currently working 3 part-time jobs and going to school full-time. It’s my final semester and after 6 years, you cannot understand how excited I am to graduate.

So I already know I wrote a post here about the dream dress for graduation. On Friday I picked up my cap, gown and tassel as well as my other regalia— my honor cords for graduating Magna Cum Laude and my medal for graduating with Honors. So this medal, is literally a medal I wear around my neck. Like an Olympian. Clearly I’m excited. A friend asked me if I would take a picture of me “biting it” which gave me a good laugh. I just received my Order of Omega stole in the mail which I’m looking to have my chapter letters embroidered on.


In just a few short weeks I’ll be publicly presenting my Honors Project which is both nerve-wracking and relieving. It’s finally so close. Even if I totally botch it and it’s awful (it won’t be) then at least it will be Theo and I’s 7-year anniversary of being together so everything will be just peachy.

The actual point of this post was to clue you in a little bit on some of the ideas I’ve been looking at as possible decoration ideas for my graduation cap. I’ve actually already picked one out but the final design will get its own post along with a How-To!

Some of the ideas I really liked were:

Lots of cute phrases

grad cap 5

grad cap 4

grad cap 6

Especially ones bringing up how long it’s taken for me to get this far

grad cap1   grad cap 10
grad cap 2


grad cap 3

As well as lots of other fun options:

Adding my sorority letters (nope, I’m not a Chi Omega, this was just a cute inspiration)

grad cap 9

and Adding an Embroidered Monogram, on the front or back of the cap

grad cap 13


grad cap 12



Photos via Statigram, Pinterest, Etsy and Shutterfly

Which are your favorites? Do you have any guesses as to which one(s) I have been inspired by?




Lucky Me

Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is thinking about luck and four-leaf clovers I thought I’d tell you about my recent good luck.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while—but I have a fairly good excuse. I just got a full time job.

On Tuesday the 4th my teacher had an email from the director of our program saying a local interiors company was looking for a new Design Assistant. After reading the position description I applied  on Wednesday and surprisingly, the office manager got back to me very quickly. After coming home on Thursday (at about 5:00pm) I was called and asked to interview at 3:00pm on Friday (the following day)! Ummm…okay.

I skipped the last of the in-class speeches Thursday night (in my Intro to Public Speaking class) in order to print my portfolio pages, cut them to size and purchase a binder that they all fit in and reprint my resume on actual resume paper….of course in the interview they didn’t look at any of this. Oh well, they had already seen my resume and that is what impressed them in the first place.

Well, after my Friday interview they called on Saturday to offer me the job. I accepted and started on Monday. This was the most whirlwind hiring process I have ever gone through. It honestly happened so fast it kind of put me in shock.

I spent my Spring Break week (with the exception of Wednesday because there was a Level-3 Snowstorm Warning keeping everyone off of the roads) being trained on how to do the Design Assistant job…which honestly seemed REALLY tedious on the first day when I learned all of the really technical and boring things.

As the week went on I got to do more design work and on Friday went out to choose colors with my new boss—she’s really nice and actually intentionally drove a little bit out of her way to point out some nice apartments in the area (for when I move after I graduate since the 35 minute drive will no longer be necessary at that point)….plus hopefully soon Theo and I can move in together and be a little family with Teddy!

Speaking of the above statement I am so lucky to have such a great stepmom who officially joined my family almost a year ago. She celebrated a birthday over my Spring Break and although I didn’t get to see her then I am so glad she’s around. A huge reason I’m especially grateful at this moment? She got my Dad to hear and understand something I’ve literally been saying for at least five years that we always butted heads on. It’s pretty cool that she helped him come to that realization and it’s always good when you’ve got family in your corner.


In summary,

Lucky me to have a full time job that I get to start before graduation.

Lucky me to have such a supportive and understanding family and sweetheart.

Lucky me to know that I am one step closer to finally spending my time with Theo (not just weekends).

Now, I wish you all the luck to get the job, win the game, and win their hearts. I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky lately so hopefully some of it can rub off on you too.

Wardrobe Wishlist: Graduation Dress

So from following J’s Everyday Fashion I found a new website with seriously cute and affordable dresses:




Anyways, I’ve been looking for a white dress for graduation for some time now, as well as to replace my sorority ritual dress since the one I still have is in serious disrepair (read: broken halter strap, broken zipper and lots of safety pins). Not that I really go to lots of rituals since I’ve “gone alum” (oops) but in the case that I go back to be a part of a ceremony I want to have something that might be a better option than my current one.


The dress I was originally interested in is from Delia’s:

delias dress


Daisy Organza Dress (currently on sale for $49.90)

The reason I ultimately decided against this one was based on several reviews.

There was multiple reports that there is WAY too much fabric around the zipper at the waist and as a result, the zipper often gets stuck and is really a pain to deal with. I was not a fan of that as someone who has dealt with that fiasco before.

But once I found Hazel & Olive I  fell in love with 2 other little white dresses…

And…they were less expensive, the Delia’s dress is marked down from almost $70.00 and these Hazel and Olive ones are full price!

I found two little beauties:

This cutie…

dress 1 front

Hey Beautiful Dress, $39.00 Sold out in my size

(they already sold out once so maybe it will come back!)

Back Side:

dress 1 back

And this stunner, of course sold out in ALL sizes…

dress 2 front

Always and Forever Dress- Cream $40.00 SOLD OUT

(Again, lets cross our fingers for a come back!)

dress 2 back

I do realize the second dress is not technically white and may not technically be appropriate for ritual ceremonies. That’s fine because I just saw lots of cute white options on Delia’s that have been marked down to $15.00 or $20.00!!

Okay so for the Pros and Cons:

“Hey Beautiful Dress”

PROS: way cute, way whiter (more suitable for a possible ritual dress down the line)

CONS: might not look great with my pale skin?  shorter than most dresses

“Always and Forever Dress – Cream”

PROS: gorgeous, lightweight, possibly better with my skin tone

CONS: the open back does not allow wearing a normal bra so stick-on-silicone-chicken-cutlets would be necessary,

may require another dress purchase for an eventual ritual dress replacement

Which would you choose? I’m collecting votes while waiting for them to come back in stock!

March Handmade with Love Date

March 12 Dates of Christmas Date

March is finally here which means Spring is on its way! Yay!

This month is Dorothy’s Birthday and their 1-year Wedding Anniversary so I thought this would be the perfect time for them to just relax and enjoy the celebrations this month.

If you remember from the teaser list, the March Date was a “Relaxation Date”. Technically it’s not a “date” like the last few where an event was to be scheduled.

They’re supposed to relax this month so instead they get to practice massaging one another.

2013-12-22 13.10.11

Rub away your Stress. Celebrate your anniversary month by reading this Reflexology book together and practicing techniques on each other to relax muscles, body and mind! Enjoy your date!


The wrapped gift is a Reflexology Book. If you’re not totally familiar with what reflexology is, it’s a special type of massage to relieve stress and tension via reflex points (mainly in the hands and feet).

Here’s a couple of reflexology charts to show you what I mean…



Foot Reflexology via  top_of_hand_1

Hand Reflexology via

The book that I selected for them came with lots of really good reviews and said it was good for beginners and those with more practice.


Here’s the Amazon link if you want to “Look Inside”

Dad has always given great massages but rarely gets one in return (we’re just not strong enough to make much of a difference) but maybe with focus on pressure points that can change? Over the summer I picked up a relexology book when I was on a random trip at the library searching for some fun summer reads and cookbooks. I enjoyed it but did think it would be much easier to do on another person rather than yourself.

I guess I lost some of the relaxation effect was lost in contorting myself like a pretzel to get the right angle to rub my own foot. Oh well, just means Theo and I need to try it together ;)!

Have you ever tried reflexology? Did you enjoy it? Were you doing it by yourself and figured it was just too complicated? Let me know in the comments!

February Wrap-Up

Theo showed me finally how to screencapture on my phone #clearlyIreadthemanual

Theo showed me finally how to screencapture on my phone #clearlyIreadthemanual

February has been a fun month, I finally really delved into the blog and discovered what I wanted it to be.

For Valentine’s Day Theo took me to Mongolian Barbeque for the first time and it was pretty delicious! Spending time with him is always a gift and he also gave me a huge bag of York peppermint patties which is always appreciated ;). He also showed me how to screencapture on my phone. I’ve had my iphone 5s for almost a year and I never knew how…clearly I read the manual ;).

I came up with a “schedule” of what the blog will generally look like for the rest of 2014 so that was pretty exciting and makes me feel like I really have this blog thing “under control”. If you want to know how I did it, let me know and I’ll let you in on the secret! :D

This has officially been the snowiest winter in the Toledo area (and lets be honest, most of the mid-west) OF ALL TIME. As of Tuesday we officially broke the record which had been last set in the winter of 1977-1978. This weekend it looks like we’re set to get dumped on again (something like 8″ overnight…Saturday I believe) but on the plus side I am getting pretty excited about seeing sunlight at 6:00pm and even a little peek of the sunset at almost 7:00pm!

There was an EPIC episode of Pretty Little Liars (my guilty pleasure) this week so that was great. It’s essentially the only time I ever tweet and my friend Kari and I tweeted some interesting theories as to what we’ll find out the rest of the 4b season.

Next month will be a fun one starting with a trip to Cleveland for an IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Student Career Day tomorrow. I’m hoping the weather cooperates so I don’t get stuck in a blizzard on my way there or back. Also today I’m starting a fun project of a wardrobe overhaul so I look forward to posting Phase 1 of that sometime next week!

Any exciting Spring Break plans coming up? Mine just involves lots of traveling around Ohio and more job searching!

Have a fabulous weekend and try to enjoy some of that lovely sun today!


This post will kick of a stream of posts about things I’m testing from Pinterest. Let me know if there is something you’ve been dying to try that you want me to review. So far on the list I have:

Easter Deviled Eggs as outlined here

easter deviled eggs

and a Listerine Foot Soak for Winter Feet as outlined here


But– since I didn’t have anything particularly completed  at this time I thought I’d share some stats:

*Top 10 Most-Followed Boards (not counting any shared boards)*

1. My Sarah Richardson Obsession

2. Project Boards

3. Innovative Offices

4. Fashion Sense

5. Hair & Makeup

6. I. Do. Dreams.

(There’s an entire series of these boards related to different wedding components)

7. Re-Learning Revit

8. Deliciousness

(This was the beginning of another series of related pin boards for recipes to try)

9. Inspiration Design & Decor

(This is the original board to another related series of Interior Design Pin Boards)

10. Personal Branding

Some of the pins I see re-pinned  on my notifications list ALL THE TIME are:

This Wedding Guest Book

guest book

This Office Conference Room

conf room

This Bridal Bouquet


Let me know what challenges you want me to take on in the comments (please keep in mind I only have a limited budget and limited space to complete these in!)

Not to brag, but I’m pretty crafty and fairly handy around the kitchen so let me know what you want to see!

However, if someone was willing to commission me  I’d be happy to create some custom art just for them or help redesign a space to be the room of their dreams!

Pretty Little Quick Fixes: Desk Knob

So just about every time I look at my desk I see the knob. I bought the knob with my Mom about 15 years ago when we decided that the desk would go in my room. The old knob was wooden and had marks all over it so she took me to Home Depot to get a newer one. At the time this was a pretty good looking knob considering I wasn’t allowed to spend more than $3.50 for my desk upgrade.

So, the other day while I was looking around Hobby Lobby I saw that their Anthropologie-esque knobs were on sale so I just had to grab one—since they were 50% off this one only set me back $2.50. After holding about 23 different knobs and evaluating their color with the other colors and patterns I knew were on or around my desk I chose this one.

pink knob

Adorable right?

Here’s the BEFORE & AFTER

desk before

pink knob desk

Now I think the desk needs a paint job.. there’s not enough contrast between the knob and the desk. What color do you think? White? Black? Mint? Gold? Something else entirely? I’m thinking high gloss—maybe a cool dipped-leg treatment like these barstools? Let me know in the comments!


Handmade with Love: January & February 12 Dates of Christmas

Want to know where I got the idea for the 12 months of Christmas gift for my Dad and Stepmom or have quick links to all of the other months? This post has all of the details!


january pkg

Baby it’s cold outside! But it’s the perfect time to go ice skating at SkateZone! Wearing your sweater and scarf will keep you cozy & warm while you skate along. A mountain of Yumberries frozen yogurt will be the perfect frosty treat to share afterwards!

So since they had absolutely no idea about this being their Christmas present,what they had actually asked for as Christmas gifts were sweaters/scarves so we purchased a sweater for my Dad and a scarf for Dorothy. It made sense for these winter-wear items to be part of their “January date” so that if they waited to open each date (as we assumed they might) they could use these right away. We also gave them cash (for admission and skate rental) and directions to the SkateZone, a skating rink in Youngstown. This was the note I attached explaining what was in January’s package.


sweater for dad


Charles Wilson Men’s Wool-Blend Button Neck Sweater (Dad loves it!)scarf for dot



Ann Taylor LOFT Popcorn Stitch Fringed Infinity Scarf (SUPER soft, SOLD OUT online)

Apparently ice skating may not have been the best idea for my parents because my Dad fell and then Dorothy tripped on him and she is now wearing a leg brace and using crutches due to a severely sprained ankle—luckily this was probably the most physically demanding date so hopefully the rest don’t result in a trip to the doctor’s office!



feb pkg

While you enjoy a tour of the Arms Family Museum of Local History and find out the interesting history of Youngstown, Take a trip back to Yumberries and try a new flavor while you reminisce about the Good Humor Man’s start in Youngstown.

First off, forgive me for being so horribly behind that both January and February are being posted AFTER Valentines Day. For February I wanted them to explore Youngstown’s vivid history and is apparently the place where the Good Humor Ice Cream man began. The Arms Family Museum shows many artifacts from Mahoning Valley’s history and has several period rooms. The building it’s housed in is the restored Arts & Crafts style home of the Arms Family. Apparently there is a string of bad luck for Dad and Dorothy’s dates because since 1/10/14 the Arms Family Museum has been closed due to water damage. But here are some photos of the interior:

Arms Family Museum 1

Arms Family Museum 2While they were out and about seeing the museum I thought they could re-live the rich tradition of ice cream in the Mahoning Valley by stopping by one of the newest businesses to join the area: Yumberries. Yumberries is a frozen yogurt shop where you select your own flavors and they charge you based on weight of your yogurt and toppings. Theo and I stopped there to check it out before sending Dad and Dorothy and they did not disappoint—the best flavor by far though was the watermelon. It was as fresh-tasting as the middle of summer and was the perfect pick-me-up when we went in late December. Also the interior is pretty cute which is always expected from a frozen yogurt shop…

yumberries interior


Handmade with Love: The 12 Dates of Christmas

I had a lot of fun planning several DIY Christmas gifts this year and one resulted in the Box containing the “12 Dates of Christmas” for my Dad and Stepmom.

12 days xmas note

This year for Christmas I had been looking on Pinterest for some time for inspiration and came up with a few things that really interested me. I wanted to make my own soap, and come up with date ideas for my boyfriend and I. After reading this post explaining how she made a year of dates for her husband I quickly realized how expensive this could get. Since I had already bought Theo a new rolling desk chair for Christmas the 12 pre-planned dates idea was out. Well sort of. I was still very inspired and had thought about how great of a gift it could be for my parents. My Dad and Stepmom just got married this past March and have been making an effort to cut some costs since they are trying to save for retirement as well as help my brother and I with costs related to being full time students.

dad & dot

Some amateur photography from their wedding of my dad’s most embarrassing moment: he tied the rings onto the ring bearer pillow too tightly; eventually they had to be cut off with a knife.


Anyways, they do a lot for us and I wanted to do something special for them. So I came up with the idea of building off of the ideas I found on Pinterest and making them 12 pre-paid (or mostly prepaid) and pre-planned dates. To start I took her advice and searched Groupon, Living Social and other websites for good deals in my area. Since my Dad sells food to restaurants they already go out to dinner quite often so I actively made an effort to find other things for them to do in the area.

I bought a photo box from Hobby Lobby and a package of brown paper lunch bags since they would match and were inexpensive as envelopes for the monthly items. I knew some bags would actually have things inside (like related supplies for the November and December dates ;D hint hint!) as well as some bags would only have directions to the location along with a giftcard or cash.)

The following posts will show what is contained in each bag; as suspected the total is decently high for a Christmas gift but it worked out well when I, my brother and my boyfriend all took a portion of the costs, obviously you could potentially spend a lot more or significantly less based on what types of dates you provide/ how far in advance you plan, but this is likely to be at least somewhat expensive based on the fact that you’re buying 12 of something intended for 2 people.

I intend to release the contents of each box monthly because I don’t want to completely ruin their monthly surprises for them but here is the teaser list I gave them, see if you can figure out their dates based on these clues!

12 days xmas teaser list


Individual Month Date Links:




April: will be released after 4/1/14

May: will be released after 5/1/14

June: will be released after 6/1/14

July: will be released after 7/1/14

August: will be released after 8/1/14

September: will be released after 9/1/14

October: will be released after 10/1/14

November: will be released after 11/1/14

December : will be released after 12/1/14

Do you have any guesses as to what the unreleased months are so far? I’ll give you a couple of hints: like I said above, nothing is a date to a full-fledged restaurant for a meal. Nothing takes them more than 50 miles from the Youngstown area and I’m pretty sure the most expensive dates were roughly $20 per person.